Public Charging

EVCHARGE4U are Public Charging Specialists

We specialize in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

Public Charging stations can be found at high-traffic locations all around the world. Anywhere there is on-street parking, at taxi stands, in parking lots (at places of employment, hotels, airports, shopping centers, convenience shops, fast food restaurants, coffeehouses, etc.), we can help install public charging stations to serve a broad range of clients. This can modernize your location and provide essential charging points to a wide range of customers. 
Empty parking lot with charging stationsEmpty parking lot with charging stations


Our clients love working with us

EVCHARGE4U did fantastic work, hands down!​​​​​​​

EVCHARGE4U did fantastic work, hands down! Was able to schedule an estimate w/in 24 hrs notice, and work was completed 2 days later. Owner & staff was very friendly. Estimate for the work was in same range as other electricians, but EVCHARGE4U's included costs related to permits & inspections, which others did not. EVCHARGE4U will not do the installation without a permit, which is fine with me. Highly recommend their work for any charger installations.
Erik Z.​​​​​​​
Oakland, CA