​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Written By Suzanne Stougie
It may feel like a long way off before Americans wholeheartedly embrace the electric car. Yet, most experts agree that, thanks to President Biden’s target of 50% EV sales share, in 2030 40- 50% of new car sales in the US will be all-electric. In fact, the sales of new EVs in the US over the first quarter of 2022 were at a record high. On top of that, the sales of used electric cars are expected to soar, too. EVs are undoubtedly gaining momentum.

With the numbers of EV owners going up, and most of the charging being done at home, the math is simple: there are a lot of homes needing some kind of charging infrastructure in the near future. This doesn’t just apply to homeowners, though. It’s an issue that faces homeowner associations (HOAs) too, as well as the owners and managers of multi-unit dwellings (MuDs) – condominiums, apartments, cooperatives, mobile home parks and townhomes.
Apartments lining Washington Street in San Francisco photographed by Pavel Špindler from Wikimedia Commons
By looking ahead into the future and preparing for the inevitable rise in EV uptake in the next seven and a half years (and beyond), owners and managers of multifamily dwellings can play a leading part in the electrification of America. By Installing EV charging units now (or incorporating them into future development plans), you’ll be accommodating current residents wanting to switch to an EV, as well as increasing the desirability of your complex to climate-conscious new tenants. The demand for eco-friendly, green dwellings is on the rise. By adapting early, your MuD could be a front runner, demonstrating your commitment to a sustainable America.
EV Charger Installation in a Multi Dwelling Parking Garage
Sounds like a hassle? It’s really not. Luckily, as a property manager, developer, or owner, you are not alone. Many states have funding available to build out EV infrastructure. Utilities are already investing to ensure the stability of their grids in the future. The US Department of Energy has published a list of resources for multifamily housing owners, which you’ll find here. Their website showcases a number of inspiring case studies, plus a search option for finding Federal and State Incentives to help further your plans.

Anticipating the requirements at new family dwellings at the planning stage is efficient and cost-effective. Having said that, upgrading existing complexes to include reliable charging points is nowhere near impossible. Allow us to help you get to grips with your installation or upgrade – just fill out this form and we’ll get in touch.

With around 80 million Americans living in MuDs, the multifamily-unit resident is bound to be a major player in the electrification process. Why not develop or upgrade your complex now, and be ready for our electric future?