Home Charging

Use a Charging Station for Fast, Convenient and Smart Charging

Fast Charging
The faster you charge, the sooner your electric car is ready to hit the road again. You can be as flexible as always, and cover more miles using only electricity, and have a positive impact on the environment as well!

Convenient Charging
Having your own charging station saves valuable time that you would usually have to waste on a trip to the public charger. Arriving at home, you can start your electric car charging with just a single hand movement.

Smart Charging
Smart charging stations can be integrated into your Smart Home System. You can power them by using photo-voltaic energy, control their power consumption, or simply bill users for the charged energy.

High-Quality Charging
Our charging stations are developed and manufactured in accordance with the leading qualitystandards and offer outstanding value for money. Our partners are experienced and established manufacturers.

Key Facts at a Glance:
What You Need to Know Before Buying a Charging Station

When buying a charging station, it is important not only to consider the charging connection your electric car will need. Make sure to opt for a future-proof charging solution that provides the necessary charging power and functions to suit your plans.

How Much Charging Power Does My Charging Station Need
and How Quickly Can My Electric Car Charge?

Many electric cars charge more quickly than others. The power needed ranges from 3.7 kW to 22 kW, depending on the electric car’s built-in onboard charger. It goes without saying that a 3.7 kW electric car can be charged at any charging station equipped with faster-charging powers – but then only with a maximum of 3.7 kW. The weakest point concerns the maximum charging power. Our overview of charging times for electric cars will give you an idea of how quickly your specific electric car can charge.

Which Plugs Does My Electric Car Have
And is my Charging Station Future Proof?

The standard plug in the United States is the J1772 for Level 1 and 2 charging, what will be available for every car including the Tesla who provides an adapter for this with the car.

The newer types of EV’s are provided with the Level 3 public charging stations (DC Charging) so that you can charge the EV around 60 miles per 20 minutes or faster depending on the charging unit in your car and the public charging station itself. There is ChadeMo, CCS and the Tesla standard. Tesla owners can charge with a special ChadeMo adapter on the Public DC Charging Stations, however, the Tesla Charging Stations are available for the Tesla owners.

Which Is the Right Charging Station Manufacturer for Me?

When choosing a charging station for your electric car, make sure that it is made by a quality manufacturer who has been approved and listed by leading automobile manufacturers. This will ensure compatibility with your car. Moreover, the manufacturer should also ensure that future updates, services or replacement parts for your charging station are available. In our online store, you can find a selection of established charging station manufacturers and find out why we have chosen these as a neutral supplier.

Make sure that the Charging Stations are UL listed, this is for your own safety.

Service upgrades might not be necessary

In some cases, you may not have sufficient power on your incoming Main panel to Charge your Electrical Vehicle. A service upgrade would need to be performed. A service upgrade can be a costly addition.
Evcharge4u has the perfect solution by adding a load balancer to your install. The load balancer measures your power usage and allocates available power to your charging station.

Who needs to do the Electrical Installation of my Charging Station?

The installation of a charging station for electric cars should only be done by a certified & qualified electrician. Before you use an existing domestic socket to charge your electric car, it is particularly important to check the sockets and cables in older buildings to make sure that charging can also be carried out at full power over a period of several hours. Evcharge4u is knowledgeable, our detail-oriented expertise ensures that buildings are safely brought into the 21st century.